Coronavirus Pandemic – How to avoid it?

Coronavirus Pandemic – How to avoid it?

A new and sudden outbreak these days ‘Coronavirus’ spreading like fire in a Jungle.  This viral started in Wuhan, China. A large number of people found positive with COVID-19 died and the cases are increasing day by day. This is not only causing people to lose their lives but also resulting in economic destruction. This has become a part of every day’s news all over the world. The increasing death rate is creating panic among people.  As of 14 March 2020 the number of deaths due to Corona Virus has reached near 6000 it’s a huge loss but there are a lot more people who have recovered from it according to worldometer which is more stress releasing and develops hope that the health organizations will manage to have control over Corona Virus soon. But before health organizations, it’s every individual’s foremost duty to take precautionary measures and follow the guidelines provided by WHO to avoid it.

Corona Virus:

What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus belonging to the family of the virus. It is said it’s a deadly disease and can rarely transfer from animals to humans. In humans, it can be transferred from COVID-19 infected people. Corona Virus travels through respiratory droplets when a person coughs or sneezes it these droplets rest on other person skin or body and if a person ingests it can be affected. To avoid having coronavirus we need to assure some precautionary measures for ourselves and our surroundings.

Coronavirus precaution

Precautionary measures that can help to avoid Coronavirus

To stay safe and secure from this pandemic the following safeguards are recommended

Wash hands

  1. Avoid Gatherings
  2. Don’t go out if not urgent
  3. Use masks
  4. Use alcoholic sanitizers
  5. Disinfect your devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.
  6. Avoid physical interactions with people like handshakes or hugs
  7. Wash your hands properly
  8. Drink water

Centers for Disease Control and prevention have also written about How to protect yourself from the Coronavirus.

Strong Immune system helps to fight from Coronavirus

Healthy Food

Apart from precautionary measures many health experts and websites are discussing a strong immune system that can help avoid or fight coronavirus. There are few things you can follow to boost your immune system

  1. Take a good and proper sleep
  2. Take food that boosts your immune system
  3. Avoid Junk food
  4. Exercise

Early Symptoms of Corona Virus

Flu and fever symptoms of coronavirus


There are symptoms of coronavirus one should be aware of so one can get medical aid in its early stages and recover. If you find any of the following symptoms please contact the medical helpline and get it treated fast.

    1. Flu
    2. Cough
    3. Fever
    4. Sore throat
    5. Shortness of breath and breathing difficulties







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