10 Best Rides at LEGOLAND California

10 Best Rides at LEGOLAND California

We took our eight-year-old son to LEGOLAND California last summer for a parent trip. He had a blast… and so did we. He put together a list of the top 10 rides at LEGOLAND California, with one ride on the DO NOT RIDE list.

Find a complete list of rides at LEGOLAND California, along with height requirements.

Ride The Dragon at LEGOLAND California theme park Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Best Ride: The Dragon

The ride we went on the most was The Dragon. It was a simple roller coaster with ups and downs and twists and turns. There are no loops or upside-down parts, so it’s perfect for even the youngest riders.

The ride begins with a slow-moving ride through some Medieval LEGO displays. Once the doors open, you venture up the track and gravity takes over. If you can’t tell from the smile on this kid’s face, it was his all-time favorite ride at LEGOLAND California.

Riders must be at least 40″ tall to ride.

Ride the Technic Coaster in LEGOLAND California Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Runners Up for Best Rides at LEGOLAND California

There were several other rides he really enjoyed, that were in tight competition for the best ride. Those include:

  • Skipper School: The second best ride at LEGOLAND California (according to an eight-year-old boy). Drive your boat around the lake to see seaworthy LEGO builds. Like a skipper in a bathtub or a New England, seaside village. Riders must be 34″ tall to ride.
  • LEGO Technic Coaster: More intense than the Dragon roller coaster, this ride has big drops and some tight turns. Riders must be four years old and 42″ tall to ride. Riders between 42″-48″ tall must be accompanied by a rider 14 years old+ and taller than 48″.
  • Coast Cruise: A gentle boat ride around the lake to look at LEGO builds from around the world. The Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty and more. There is no height requirement.
  • Safari Trek: Take a jeep safari through the jungle to see Elephants, pandas, alligators and more… all made of LEGO bricks. Riders must be 34: tall to ride.
Drive your own car at LEGOLAND California Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Notable Rides at LEGOLAND California

Here are some other rides this kid thinks everyone should do while playing in LEGOLAND California.

  • LEGO Ninjago The Ride: Use your hands to shoot fireballs, ice or lightning as you battle the enemy. There is no height requirement, but riders under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult.
  • FunTown Police & Fire Academy: Pump your fire truck to the burning building, then shoot water at the fire. Can you beat the other groups? Riders must be at least 34″ tall.
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge: A pirate ship that swings back and forth. Riders must be 34″ tall to ride. Riders between 34″-42″ must be accompanied by a rider over 42″ tall.
  • Driving School: Ride-on and drive your own LEGO car through the city streets. Hopefully, you know how to read road signs and stoplights. Riders must be ages 6-13 years old.
  • Splash Battle: If you’ve already gotten wet in the LEGOLAND water parks, then you won’t mind this ride. Take aim at other pirate ships and displays with your water cannon as you navigate the pirate-infested waters. Riders must be at least 36″ tall.
  • BONUS – Aquazone Wave Racers: I had to add this one to the list. It was fun to swing around a circle on a wave runner and dodge cannon blasts from people on the shore. Riders must be at least four years old and 42″ tall to ride.
Cautions about Knight's Tournament ride in LEGOLAND California Carltonaut's Travel Tips

A Cautionary Tail of Dragons

We were pretty excited to ride Knight’s Tournament. It looked unique and fun. The line wasn’t very long, so we gave it a go. Riders get to pick how rough of a ride they want. My wife and son took a gentle ride, while I went with the roughest ride possible. BIG MISTAKE.

During the ride, I was held upside down, with all of the weight squishing certain areas of my body. Blood would rush to my head while hanging upside down, which gave me a headache post-ride.

I knew I didn’t enjoy the ride, but I had also chosen the highest level. But my wife and son didn’t enjoy it either, and they didn’t even go upside down. So we think this ride is a bust. So ride at your own discretion.

Learn to drive your own boat at Skipper School in LEGOLAND California Carltonaut's Travel Tips


There are several other rides to enjoy in LEGOLAND that aren’t listed above. Additionally, there’s a LEGOLAND water park and SEALife Aquarium, too. Read more tips on how to maximize your visit to LEGOLAND California.

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