Paris Museum: Choco-Story Paris

Paris Museum: Choco-Story Paris

The all-you-can-eat chocolate at Choco-Story Paris isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After a few of the free samples, we were kinda chocolate out. But the gourmet chocolate museum in the heart of Paris is a fun way to learn about how chocolate is made, the history and progression of chocolate, and more.

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids to enjoy while touring Paris, include Choco-Story Paris. Admission is included in the Paris Pass, and the Grevin Wax Museum (another fun, family-friendly site) is just down the street.

You can download the free audioguide app before your visit, too.

Learn about the cocoa bean at Choco Story Paris Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Cocoa Beans and the History of Chocolate

After checking in at the front desk, make your way toward the cocoa tree. Along here, you’ll learn about how cocoa seeds are grown and harvested. As you continue around the corner, you’ll learn more about the history of cocoa.

Oh, and I’ve got to point out that just because you are in Paris, that doesn’t mean you have to know French in order to enjoy the museum. All of the information is found in French and English. So don’t think you’re getting out of a history lesson on chocolate because you don’t speak French. 😉

The entire first floor shows you artifacts used in the early years of cocoa and chocolate making. As you continue to the second floor, the history continues with conquistadors and the Spanish settlers.

Find the Playmobile scenes and win a prize at Choco Story Paris Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Playmobile Activity Book for Kids

When checking in at the front desk, grab a free activity booklet for your kids. While touring the museum, they can answer different questions about cocoa and chocolate.

You’ll also find Playmobile display cases that have a clue to the sticker that needs to be placed on the last page of the activity booklet. Find the artifact that matches the sticker and place it on the accompanying box.

At the end of the museum, turn in the completed booklet to the front desk and get a little gift. While it’s not much, the booklet was a least something that helped your kids learn and enjoy the museum. So don’t get their hopes up about some big prize at the end. Just sayin’.

Chocolate ads at Choco Story Paris Museum Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Artifacts and Advertising at Choco-Story Paris

On the second floor of the museum, once getting through the history portion, you’ll find a collection of teacups and other artifacts.

We laughed when we saw a coffee cup that had an added little shelf that would protect a man’s mustache from getting coffee on it. It was an elegant, white porcelain cup with blue designs – and the added shelf in it, too.

As you continue to the back of the floor, you’ll find ads for chocolate bars. It was fun to see the historical ads, along with some of the old-school machines and molds used by chocolate makers. There was a Santa Claus mold that was about 3 feet tall.

Once you’ve finished exploring the second floor, make your way to the basement to wrap up your visit.

Chocolate fashion on display at Choco Story Paris Museum Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Things Made of Chocolate and a Demonstration

There are a few things you’ll find in the basement to check out. As you know, Paris is one of the fashion meccas of the world. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see mannequins wearing dresses made of chocolate. While I’m not an expert, I think if a real person was wearing them, the chocolate better be able to withstand body temps.

You’ll also find a large chocolate Eiffel Tower and an Arc du Triomphe. They’re cool to see – and if I hadn’t filled up on all the free chocolate samples from the museum, the monuments would’ve looked even more delicious.

But the best part of the basement was a short, 15-minute demonstration by a French chocolatier. He spoke English and kept the humor rolling as he made hazelnut-filled chocolate candies. When the demo was over, we were given a free sample of fresh chocolate. It was delicious – and my wife has a taste for the best chocolate and loved it, too.

The chocolate demo was a great way to wrap up our visit to Choco-Story Paris before heading on to another Paris museum.

The Details

Address: 28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris, France

Cost: Adult admission is 11 Euro. Students and seniors (65+) are 10 Euros, with kids 6-12 are 8 Euro. Choco-Story Paris is included in the Paris Pass.

Hours: Open every day from 10-6 p.m. Closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.



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