Ski Utah at Cherry Peak Ski Resort

Ski Utah at Cherry Peak Ski Resort
Even though my wife is a Utah native, she went skiing for the first time just last month. Her biggest concern: I was her instructor. (j/k) But Cherry Peak Ski Resort in northern Utah was perfect for her first time. Friendly staff, a bunny hill, and some simple green runs make it a fantastic spot to enjoy the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Here are five reasons to hit the slopes at Cherry Peak Resort.

Ski the Night Away at Utah's Cherry Peak Resort Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Easy Access to Cherry Peak Resort

Logan Utah is an amazing place. You’ve got the city feel (with malls, restaurants, and a major university), but you also have canyons, lakes, and adventure just waiting for you to enjoy.

Cherry Peak Resort is a 20-30 minute drive north of Logan. There is no long, winding canyon to have to drive up, and it’s a mere 15 minutes off of the main highway.

One challenge we discovered was parking. The resort didn’t feel packed, but finding a parking spot was a challenge when we arrived for night skiing. I found a spot, but apparently, it was too tight for the driver next to us, because their door did a number on our car – door ding! #NoFun

Rent ski and snowboard gear at Utah's Cherry Peak Resort Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Rental Gear is Available, Including Helmets

The only ski gear I own is is a pair of goggles. Sadly I forgot to pack them for our adventure north. But it was nice to see that Cherry Peak Resort had all the rental gear we needed.

Since this was my wife’s first time on skis, they had the entry-level length so she could get a feel for them. They gave me a pair a little longer, but definitely not Olympic-skier level. They had boots and most important (at least in my mind)… helmets. I think everyone should wear a helmet when they hit the slopes; myself included.

They do have ski poles available, but we opted to not mess with them. I think that was a good choice for us. One less thing for my wife to worry about while heading down the mountain.

Once we had the gear and were all suited up, we headed out to the Magic Carpet.

Green run at Cherry Peak Ski Resort in northern Utah Carltonaut's Travel Tips

3 Lifts and Lots of Runs: From Green to Black Diamond

I mentioned earlier how friendly the staff was at Cherry Peak. Here’s an example. Since it was my wife’s first time, everyone was very encouraging to her. The front desk allowed us to purchase access to the Magic Carpet conveyor belt on the bunny hill so she could get a feel for the skis. After a few runs, she felt comfortable enough to try taking the Gateway Lift up the hill. We went back to the front desk and upgraded our passes to the 3-lift Night Pass. And up we went.

From the top of Gateway Lift, we stuck to the Long Mozy Trail (Green) for all of our runs. It was a simple coasting run that allowed my wife to practice controlled turns; although she did get her share of uncontrolled turns, too. But we made it to the bottom safely each time.

For the more adventurous skiers and snowboarders, two other lifts are accessible from the top of Gateway Lift: Summit Lift and Vista Lift. You’ll find a collection of green, blue and black diamond runs weaving down the mountain from those upper lifts. If you’ve got the skills, there is also a terrain park.

Warm up in the Cherry Peak Resort lodge after skiing a few runs Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Warm Lodge and Great Food

During my wife’s first run down the mountain, I pulled out my camera and filmed her skiing. I had to pull my fingers out of my gloves so I could operate the camera. By the time we reached the bottom, the 20-degree temps had caused me to lose feeling in my fingers. So we ventured into the lodge to warm up and wipe our noses.

Besides long tables and a fireplace, you’ll also find a few couches for relaxing. The lodge wasn’t overfilled with people and we had plenty of room to sit and warm up.

There was also a cafeteria there where you could grab some warm food, light snack or a beverage to regain your energy before heading back out onto the mountain.

Experience night skiing at Utah's Cherry Peak Resort Carltonaut's Travel Tips

Night Skiing!

I learned to ski at Beaver Mountain when I was 16. And by learned, I mean I took one hour of ski school with all the five and six-year-old kids. It was night skiing, so I’m a little partial to enjoying the winter nights on the slopes – plus, night skiing tends to be a little less expensive.

Even though it was 20-degrees outside and we had to cover every piece of skin so it didn’t freeze, I enjoyed riding the lift up the mountain and gazing at the stars overhead. The lights of the resort limited the ability to see the Milky Way, but I could pick out a few stars. The lights of the city in the distance was relaxing as well.

So while a bluebird day of skiing is coveted, I relish a nice night of skiing and casually making my way down the mountain.

Relax on the ski slopes at Cherry Peak Resort in northern Utah Carltonaut's Travel Tips

The Details

Address:  3200 E 11000 N, Richmond, UT 84333

Hours of Operation:  During ski season, they are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, Saturday, and Holidays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. On Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Costs: The Magic Carpet Pass (access to a conveyor belt for tubing hill and bunny hill) is $10 per person. Adult lift passes for half and full-day range from $22-$40. Youth (6-12), senior (65+), military and students (with ID) range from $18-$30. Children 5 and under are free with paying adult.


Phone: (435) 200-5050

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